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About Isaac

I started my journey at Josh’s hope 12 years ago. I have worked at other jobs over the years, but al-ways come back to Josh’s Hope because of the support I receive here. I have lived with mental health issues most of my life and briefly struggled with substance use when I was younger.


The Tools for Hope program at Josh’s Hope helped me pave the way to be a successful adult.   Working in the Josh’s Hope Studio helps ease my chronic anxiety, and seeing my finished products makes me feel like I really accomplished something at the end of the day. I’m currently expanding myskills in woodworking, metalwork, and other studio activities which makes me want to learn more.


I’m proud of the work we do at Josh’s Hope and grateful to be a part of some-thing bigger than myself. I’m also married and the father of two beautiful sons, whom I consider to be my best accomplishments in life.


Thank you for purchasing a product I made and for supporting Josh’s Hope! 

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